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Jon Tenney

Mitch Green

Date Of Birth: December 16, 1961

After graduating from Juliard, Jon performed in many plays including Beggars In The House of Plenty, Substance Of Fire, The Heiress and The Impossible Marriage. Even though his heart belongs to the stage Jon has also appeared in television and motion pictures including the series Crime and Punishment, Equal Justice, Good Company and Brooklyn South. His films include Lassie, Free Willy Two, Watch It, Fools Rush In, Guilty By Suspicion, Nixon, Twighlight of The Golds, Music From Another Room, Homegrown, Lovelife and With These Friends Of Mine.

Debrah Farentino

Mary Green

Date Of Birth: September 30, 1961

Most fans of Debrah know her from her starring rold on the series Earth 2, but she has also appearded in other series such as the John Ritter comdey Hooperman, Wiseguy,Capitol, and Equal Justice which also starred Jon Tenney. Debrah has also appaeared in the films Malice, Bugsy, Son of the Pink Panther and Mortal Sins.

Anne Hathaway

Meghan Green

Date Of Birth: ??

In a career of theater and some commercials this is the first series for Anne and hopefully just the start of a long and successful career. In August 2001 Anne's first film The Princess Diaries was released and has already made over one hundredmillion dollars. Plans for a sequal are in talks.

Eric Christian Olsen

Cameron Green

Date Of Birth: May 31, 1977

Under Erics list of credits are the movies King Arthurs Court and a guest role on ER as a severely burned teen. Eric also briefly appeared in the film Pearl Harbor which was released in the summer of 2001.

Jesse Eisenberg

Kenny Green

Date Of Birth: October 5, 1983

This is Jesses' first television series after starring on Broadway in A Christmas Carol. Another bit of Trivia, he's also the brother of Hallie Eisenberg, aka "The Little Pepsi Girl."

Christina Pickles


Date Of Birth: February 17, 1940

Most viewers of Must See TV know Christina as Judy Geller, mother of Ross and Monica on the long running series Friends, but Christina is a television veteran having starred on the Emmy award series St. Elsewhere and the daytime dramas Another World and Guiding Light.

Kyle Brent Gibson


Date Of Birth: March 21, 1983

Kyle starred in the films Soccer Dog: The Movie in 1999 and True Friends in 1998. He also appeared in the series Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher in 1996 and guest starred on the long running hit drama ER and Jenny McCarthys short lived seires Jenny.

Scott Vickaryous


Date Of Birth: September 13, 1975

Scott has made many many made for tv movies such as Final Run ,Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge Race Against Fear , A Champion's Fight, The Accident: A Moment of Truth Movie, The Right Connection, and Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story. Scott also starred onthe cableseries BreakerHigh and was originally cast on the short lived WB series Safe Harbor. In the series first season, Scott guest starred on a few episodes of the FOX series Boston Public as a man who has a relationship with his former teacher after having stalked her for months.

Natalie Ramsey


Date Of Birth: ??

Natalie has appeared in such feature films as Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return and The Other Sister, not to mention the critically acclaimed Pleasantville in 1998. She can also be seen in the films Confessions of a Sexist Pig in 1998 and the made for tv movieBroken Record in 1997. Natalie also guest stared in the USAaction/drama Pacific Blue and FOXs long running family drama Party Of Five.

Alexandra Picatto


Date Of Birth: ??

Alexandra starred on the short lived ABC series Teen Angel in 1997, but had already appeared in television movies such as The Colony in 1995, the film Not Like Us and the kid series Kidsongs in 1994. She also had a guest appearance on the WB series Charmed in 1998

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